Purple Moon Project | Unity Campaign starts today!
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Unity Campaign starts today!

Unity Campaign starts today!

Help us help our neighbors.

Frederick County’s very own Unity Campaign starts today — and Purple Moon Project is participating!!

If you haven’t heard of it, the Unity Campaign is a collaborative project between nonprofit partners, sponsors, and the greater Frederick community to help our most vulnerable neighbors. Through a vigorous 12 days of giving starting today, the Unity Campaign aims to raise funds for 27 local hard-working nonprofits — including the Purple Moon Project — that address basic human needs and at-risk youth, thereby bettering our community as a whole.

To learn more about the Unity Campaign, visit http://unityfrederick.com/

The Unity Campaign is supporting Purple Moon Project’s mentoring work with Frederick County veterans who are struggling to adapt to civilian life. This includes criminally-involved veterans — we proudly serve as the Mentor Coordinator for the Frederick County Veterans Treatment Court (FC VTC) —and homeless veterans.

Many of these individuals are dealing with mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which can lead to despair and depression, joblessness and homelessness, substance abuse, arrest and incarceration, domestic violence, divorce, even suicide attempts.

Moreover, many veterans have a warrior’s mentality that prevents them from addressing their need for physical or psychological health care. Often those who are in trouble are feeling overwhelmed with their inability to leave their trauma behind. Too many such veterans use drugs and/or alcohol to cope and end up in the criminal justice system or living on the streets.

It is the Purple Moon Project’s honor to provide a peer mentor — a fellow veteran — to help troubled veterans get their lives back. Our mentors serve as both coach and battle buddy, helping each veteran find Veterans Administration and local programs and services best suited for their unique situation. Our mentors also help their veteran develop an action-plan that addresses their specific needs and then coaches them through that plan. Just like in the service, Purple Moon Project mentors stand with their veteran so no one is left behind.

To learn more about the Purple Moon Project, visit PurpleMoonProject.org.

You can help us help our local veterans get their lives back. And, thanks to the generosity of the Unity Campaign’s Incentive Match sponsors, 100% of your contribution goes directly to the Purple Moon Project. What’s more, your individual gift is enhanced by a proportionate donation from the Unity Campaign sponsors.

Please consider making a donation today to the Unity Campaign — and specifically the Purple Moon Project. You can do so by visiting Unity Campaign / Purple Moon Project.